What are the benefits of using Kudzu Networks?
  • Kudzu Networks allows you to connect to the Internet at high speeds for less than most companies.
  • Kudzu Networks does not require a phone line for high speed Internet access.
  • Kudzu Networks does not cap your data, all of our packages are unlimited data.
  • Kudzu Networks offers friendly local customer service and technical support.

How far will the range of service be in my home?

Kudzu Network WiFi generally provides a reception area of up to 150-200 feet around the the unit. It is very important to place your unit or wireless router in a central location within your home, the closer the unit is to a window facing the tower, the signal received will be much greater for a good connection to all your devices. These are estimates only, actual propagation’s will vary depending on the structure of your home.

What forms of payment does Kudzu Networks accept?

We accept debit/credit cards, check, or a money order. We do not accept cash for any reason.

Are there any upfront costs for a new customer?

Yes, the customer is responsible for paying the establishment fee at the time of sign-up and the first months payment. The price is determined by the package(s) available in your area.

What does Kudzu Networks technical support cover?

Kudzu Networks supports your access to the internet, and we also support the equipment provided to access our service. Our support services are free of charge for all Kudzu Networks’ active customers in good standing.

If a customer is seeking help for their computers, software applications or any other devices that are Wifi enabled, we ask for you contact the manufacturer of those items for support.  A technician will be happy to make sure the customer is receiving signal and customer issued equipment is working properly.

Will I have access to my account information online?

Yes, the customer is provided access to the online portal which includes account information changes, billing, technical support requests, and/or changes to your service plan. Some changes will need to be requested for change and will be applied if applicable.

What do I need to use your service?

A computer or any other Wifi enabled device will be needed to use our service.

How much does it cost for service?

Kudzu Networks provides two packages:  2Mbps & 5Mbps. Pricing is determined by the physical address of the customer and how far away the customer’s home is from the tower. The distance from the tower to your home determines the packages available to the customer.

How do I get signed up for service?

The first step would be to go online to our website to check availability at your specific address or call our office at 866-606-7103 to talk to a sales representative.

If service is available, the next step would be to visit City Hall in Blakely, GA to complete the paperwork and schedule your equipment installation.

Service is activated at the time of sign-up so once installers complete installation, you can begin use.

Will Kudzu Networks’s LTE coverage area ever grow?

The goal for our company is to expand our coverage to areas that are rural and under served. We currently serve  five counties: Baker, Mitchell, Calhoun, Early, and Miller counties with LTE wireless service. If you are currently outside of our coverage area, we would be happy to contact you when service becomes available at your request.

What speeds can I expect?

All plans provide High-Speed Internet service.  It is a best effort network meaning the speed could vary depending on changes in network traffic and usage.

Is a router required to use the service?

A router is required for customers who have an outdoor unit. The router is not included in the initial sign-up cost and can be purchased at the retailer of your choice.